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India’s Experience with Climate Smart Agriculture: Opportunities for Triangular Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific


By Global AgriSystem Private Limited

The agriculture sector in India has witnessed a series of reforms and transformative measures over the past few years to cope with the adverse effects of climate change. Farmers across all agro-climatic zones in the country are facing serious challenges—from erratic weather patterns to extreme temperatures—that have hampered agricultural productivity. To cope with such challenges, farmers in India are adopting new innovative farming practices, information, and technological solutions to address climate change.

The Asia Foundation, through its India- U.S. Triangular Development Partnership (TriDeP), a program funded by USAID, is working toward strengthening India’s and the U.S.’s development cooperation footprint in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond. Climate-smart agriculture, disaster risk reduction, and renewable energy are sectors where India demonstrates policy leadership and technical skills and can provide sustainable solutions.

The study presents the paradigm shift in India’s agriculture landscape, trends in agricultural technology, policies, new initiatives, and frameworks for adapting to and mitigating the impacts of climate change in agriculture. It focuses on the institutional architecture of climate-smart agriculture practices and extension services and the role of Indian private and public sector organizations in advancing innovative and sustainable solutions. The study also assesses how gender-responsive these agricultural practices are and highlights successful examples of smallholder and women farmers adopting climate-smart agriculture practices through various programs and schemes.

The study also explores potential demand, current gaps, and avenues for expanding triangular cooperation in climate-smart agriculture among Indo-Pacific countries, particularly in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Posted December 15, 2022
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