The Future of Thai-U.S. Relations


By Thomas Parks and Benjamin Zawacki

Views of Thai and American Leaders on the Bilateral Relationship and Ways Forward

After a few challenging years, the bilateral relationship between the United States and Thailand is showing clear signs of improvement. These positive developments provide an important window of opportunity to strengthen the relationship. Changes in the geopolitical context are accelerating, particularly with China’s growing influence in the region, and expanding engagement by other major powers. Given these changes, it is an important moment to reinvigorate the U.S.-Thailand alliance to be more relevant for the emerging geopolitical context in Asia. This initiative, led by the Asia Foundation, was designed to strengthen the bilateral relationship between the United States and Thailand. The project included interviews with 50 leaders from the U.S. and Thailand, and a bilateral dialogue (track 1.5) between Thai and U.S. delegations in Washington in July 2018.

Posted August 29, 2018
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