The Youth Factor: Survey of Malaysian Youth Opinion


By Leong Lai Ming, Nur Azrina Azhar, Herizal Hazri, Anthea Mulakala

Youth constitutes a large segment, 43 percent, of the total population in Malaysia. The diverse and numerous roles that they play in the country’s political, social and economic landscapes underline the fact that they are a critical demographic group to engage. In April 2012, The Asia Foundation conducted its fourth nationwide survey of Malaysian youth opinion as part of the Foundation’s continuing efforts to enhance public engagement and innovative research in support of improving governance, civil society, economic progress, and sustainable development in Malaysia. Over 2,100 youth across all states and federal territories in Malaysia were engaged in the comprehensive survey. The survey provides a window into the attitudes, concerns and practices of young Malaysians on a range of contemporary political, social and economic issues.

Posted December 14, 2012
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