Towards Improved Data and Information Exchange in the Ganges Basin


By Bushra Nishat and Md Shamim Shams

(Transboundary Water Governance Issue Brief)
Reliable data and information on trends and condition of water resources; climate and flow regimes; water use and development practices provide the backbone for sound decision making and effective water resources management. Information is especially important in the case of transboundary water management. Moreover, in transboundary basins, information exchange and sharing of data between riparian countries is regarded as a first and essential step towards fostering cooperation and trust. Unfortunately, restriction in the availability of data and information beyond borders in the riparian countries of the Ganges basin continue to prevail, and countries are often hesitant and cautious to share any kind of hydrological information.

Posted October 29, 2013
Related locations: Bangladesh, India, Nepal
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