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Updates from Washington, DC: The Asia Foundation February and March 2024


Welcome to The Asia Foundation’s Washington, D.C., February and March newsletter. This second issue of the year features recent in-person events on Harnessing Local Knowledge for Conflict Prevention and Development, Amplifying Change: Community-Centered Approaches to Ending Violence Against Women, and Working Politically: Supporting Local Coalitions for Development, two upcoming events on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment: Updates from Asia and the Pacific, and Women’s Roles in Peacebuilding: Power of Women Leading Peace in Mindanao, two news posts announcing the second phase of The Asia Foundation’s STEM ConnectHER program, and the Pacific Women Climate Leaders Fellowship Program, two InAsia podcasts episodes about the 100 Champions Network in Indonesia, and resistance and the cost of the coup in Chin state, an InAsia blog post on reading together to introduce children to complex subjects like disability, and a recent publication on exploring developmental policy reforms in Vanuatu.

Posted May 13, 2024
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