Ashleigh Griffiths


Photo Blog: Investing in Women’s Entrepreneurship in Mongolia

March 8, 2017


In Mongolia, informal businesses make up a significant portion of the business sector, and play an important role in driving the vast country’s local economies. While the female-to-male labor force participation rate in the formal sector is relatively high compared to other countries in the region, steep challenges for women in business remain in t… Read more

Police and cadets participate in a training session to equip them with the skills and knowledge of how to respond to and manage domestic violence situations. 

Mongolia’s Amended Law Makes Domestic Violence a Criminal Offence

February 8, 2017


Last December, Mongolia’s Parliament passed an amended version of the 2004 Law to Combat Domestic Violence. Recent amendments have made domestic violence a criminal offence for the first time in the country’s history and mark a critical step forward for victims of this type of violence.* This is a particularly momentous step for Mongolian women, wh… Read more

Women's Business Center in Mongolia 

New Business Center Supports Women Entrepreneurs in Mongolia

September 21, 2016


At first glance, Mongolia appears to be a shining star globally in the realm of women’s empowerment, and in many ways, it is. For example, according to the UN’s Gender Development Index (GDI), women in Mongolia have a longer life expectancy than men (70.2 compared to 63.1), and outnumber men in school attendance across all ages. Women can be seen i… Read more