Bishnu Sapkota


Nepal’s Inability to Write Constitution Stymies Local Elections, Progress

May 25, 2011


As Nepal’s elected Constituent Assembly (CA) extended tenure ends on May 28, the fate of the nation’s constitution writing progress now looks certain to be delayed further. The delay has frustratingly prolonged the political transformation process…


Will Integrating Nepal’s Ex-Maoist Combatants Delay the New Constitution?

February 10, 2010


With just over three and half months left for Nepal’s Constituent Assembly to finalize the new constitution, a new question has emerged in Nepal’s political scene that could further delay the process: Should the ex-Maoist combatants who still remain inside cantonments be integrated into the Nepal Army before or after a new constitution is establish… Read more


Local Peace Committees in Nepal: A Lost Opportunity?

May 20, 2009


Nepal’s peace process has seen significant achievements in the last three years, but not all has gone well. In retrospect, Local Peace Committees (LPCs) feature as one of the most prominent failures. Initially, the peace committees were designed to sustain peace by providing a common forum for people to locally implement national peace agreements…. Read more