Dinh Kieu Nhung


Starbucks Vietnam and Asia Foundation Extend Vocational Training Project for Disadvantaged Youth

Hanoi, July 25, 2017


Starbucks Vietnam and The Asia Foundation, a nonprofit international development organization, today announced the extension of a vocational training partnership for an additional year. Launched in 2016, the project is designed to prepare young people from disadvantaged backgrounds for careers in Vietnam’s fast-growing food and beverage industry. T… Read more


Once Out of Reach, University Now Possible for Girls in Rural Vietnam

October 17, 2012


Last month, local headlines in Vietnam announced the government’s much-welcomed decision to earmark an additional $119 million (VND2.5 trillion) to assist with loans to low-income university students in the upcoming academic year. This is certainly good news, because despite Vietnam’s strong economic growth…


Unlocking the Potential of Vietnam’s Libraries

September 7, 2011


Stories of Vietnam’s rapid development make headlines in local and international media regularly these days. In 1985, the average per-capita income in Vietnam was $130, making it one of the five poorest countries in the world. Now, with average incomes over $1,000, Vietnam’s highly literate population…


From Vietnam: Improving Internet Access, One Village at a Time

September 2, 2009


It took us much longer than expected to get to Ta Ca, a highland commune in Vietnam’s Nghe An province near the Lao border. Although it was a sunny afternoon, the narrow road from our hotel to our destination, Ta Ca’s Cultural Post Office (CPO), was riddled with potholes filled with slick mud that threatened to send us careening off the road at eac… Read more