Gita Sabharwal


As Sri Lanka’s Economy Grows, Commercial Disputes Heat Up

March 27, 2013


Despite decades of internal conflict, Sri Lanka now boasts high-income growth and a notable reduction in human development index shortfall, according to the just-released


Sri Lankan Communities Use Tablets to Rebuild War-Torn Provinces

December 5, 2012


The end of a three-decade-long conflict in the Northern and Eastern Provinces in Sri Lanka is finally ushering in peace, security, and stability for millions in these affected communities. Alongside the daunting challenge of integrating thousands of returning internally displaced people…


Unemployed Youth in Maldives Turn to Gangs, Reveals New Report

November 7, 2012


The Maldives – a stretch of islands in the Indian Ocean – is mostly known for its sandy white beaches and crystal clear oceans. Not surprisingly, tourism is the largest contributor to the island chain’s GDP and drives this popular perception. However, despite its undeniable beauty, healthy GDP growth of more than 8 percent…


Bicycle Patrols Rebuild Trust Between Sri Lanka’s Police and Communities

July 25, 2012


Still recovering from the effects of a 26-year civil war that ended in 2009, Sri Lanka is now seeing hopeful signs that one of its deepest wounds – the relationship between the police and the community – is improving. During the war, police were often preoccupied with counter-insurgency and national security.


New Survey in Post-War Sri Lanka Examines Ethno-Religious Relationships

July 11, 2012


Few countries in the world possess the level of ethno-religious pluralism found in Sri Lanka. The country is home to two national languages, Sinhala and Tamil, and four major religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. In Sri Lanka, ethnicity and religion are intertwined…


SMS System Supports Sri Lanka’s Community Mediation

September 21, 2011


After years of waiting and hoping his mother would legally transfer the portion of family land due to him, the resentment had built up. Athula, the youngest of a poor family of seven, finally decided to take his mother, Soma to court. Their relationship worsened to the point where they were no longer speaking.