Jennifer Yip


From Cambodia: Women’s Rising Power in Local Government

April 4, 2007


At a public forum in Phnom Penh on March 6th, held in conjunction with International Women’s Day, USAID Mission Director in Cambodia, Erin Soto, announced that, “Very quietly, without great fanfare, Cambodia has made history. The National Election Committee (NEC) has just announced that 20% of registered candidates for the upcoming Commune Council… Read more


In Cambodia: Khmer Rouge Tribunals — Progress & Hindrance

March 21, 2007


Amid the charm of easy-paced Phnom Penh, with its riverside cafes and French architecture, it is jarring to learn that former senior Khmer Rouge officials ” mass murderers ” live in some of the city’s many comfortable villas. Some even take morning strolls in the tree-lined parks. Outside Phnom Penh, and especially in former Khmer Rouge strongholds… Read more