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Jerryll Reyes


A Pathway to Entrepreneurship for Sulu Women

August 17, 2022

Blog and Podcast

The creation of the BARMM has brought a new era of peace to Sulu, in Mindanao, but this Philippine region still suffers from economic disadvantages that fall especially hard on women.

Nepal Local elections 

Nepal Elections: More Women Have a Seat at the Table, But Will They Have a Voice?

December 13, 2017

Blog and Podcast

2017 is a milestone year for Nepal: millions of Nepalis voted in provincial and federal elections which ended last week, and earlier this year, the country held its first local elections in two decades, electing a total of 35,041 local representatives across 753 local levels. The elections were also a high point for women elected leaders, thanks to… Read more


Philippines Marks First Disability-Inclusive Elections

May 25, 2016

Blog and Podcast

The May 9 Philippine election not only set a new record for voter turnout, it also marked the first time that Republic Act 10366 – which mandates that polling stations be fully accessible for people with disabilities (PWDs) – was implemented in full. In his speech during the proclamation of senators-elect, the Philippine Commission on Elections (CO… Read more