Johan Kharabi


Asia’s Rising Middle Class

January 26, 2011


Asia is undergoing a profound economic transformation – as the region’s resistance to the global financial downturn in 2008-09 demonstrated. Amid continued sluggish global performance in 2011, regional growth is set to remain robust – albeit less so than in 2010 – with China (9.1%) and India (8.7%) expected to lead the pack.


In 2011, Hard-Earned Resilience Will Carry Asia’s Economies through the Crisis

January 5, 2011


One year ago in this blog, Asia Foundation chief economist Bruce Tolentino expressed “cautious optimism” about the prospects for global recovery and Asian growth in 2010. His positive prediction for Asia was more than fulfilled, in spite of a dispiriting lag in U.S. recovery and severe economic crises in the Eurozone. Vietnam is expected to lead So… Read more