Jon Jamieson


VIDEO: In Mongolia, Choose a Book, Change a Life

March 17, 2010


The paved road from Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar ends abruptly with a pile of rocks and a sign bearing an exclamation point, as if the rocks alone weren’t reason enough to stop. “From here it’s going to be a bumpy and long ride,” said Myangaa, our driver for the day-long journey into Khishig-Undur. And with that, we pulled onto a small trail worn… Read more


Where in the World is Morwakee?

October 21, 2009


A group of local villagers crowded around us, some offering suggestions and some just watching the delightful spectacle of a group of foreigners lugging boxes of books. A local colleague who had driven us patiently over rugged, unmarked, rarely-traveled roads, peered at the map on the wall of the school as he tried to find the village of Morwakee -… Read more