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Kim J. DeRidder

Bicyclist in flood water 

Virtual Event – Building Climate Resilience in Asia

Wednesday, June 15, 2022


The Asia-Pacific is the most disaster-prone region in the world, a status made worse by the increasing impacts of climate change, ranging from increased intensity and frequency of extreme weather events, including heavy rains and cyclones, often resulting in massive floods, landslides, and storm surge; as well as other severe climatic events, such… Read more


Mobilizing Climate-Resilient Infrastructure in Asia

November 10, 2021


As COP26 nears an end in Glasgow, Scotland, it’s time to reflect on the consequences of Asia’s lack of climate-resilient infrastructure.

Women in colorful garb sit in a green landscape 

The Asia Foundation presents at USAID Sustainable Infrastructure Webinar

October 28, 2021


USAID’s Mekong Safeguards Program hosted Promoting Sustainable Infrastructure via Innovative Financing–Real-world Cases and Best Practices in the Region. The webinar featured speakers from Oxfam, Climate Bonds Initiative, Mekong For the Future implemented by WWF, and opening remarks by Aaron Brownell, director for USAID’s Regional Environment Offic… Read more

side by side comparison of poor air quality and clear blue sky 

A Post-Pandemic Green Recovery for Asia

April 28, 2021


As countries adopt massive stimulus packages to get their post-Covid economies moving again, they have a unique opportunity to get them moving in the right direction.


Promoting a Green Recovery in Asia

April 28, 2021

The Covid-19 crisis has had a lasting global impact and has forced governments to implement stimulus packages to help their economies recover. While addressing immediate social and healthcare needs is critical, a concerted effort is needed to incorporate climate goals into country-level Covid-19 responses. However, government stimulus packages are… Read more


The Best InAsia Podcasts and Posts of 2020

January 7, 2021


The year of the pandemic was a long, discontented winter that the glorious sun forgot. But it was a year we dug deep into the voices and ideas of our colleagues across Asia in our new InAsia Podcast.

Aerial view of large busy highway 

Covid-19 vs Climate Change: What Can We Learn?

June 10, 2020


If humanity can put our economies on hold to fight a global threat like Covid-19, why haven’t we been able to take similar measures to confront a global killer like climate change?


The Asia Foundation Hosts Panel on Disaster Waste at the 2018 Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction

Ulaanbaatar, July 12, 2018


The Asia Foundation recently participated in the Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction. On July 3rd, the Government of Mongolia opened the three-day conference which was attended by over 3,000 participants including over 50 countries and 1,500 organizations. The conference, held every two years, is an organized collaboration… Read more

Fisheries Southeast Asia 

Southeast Asia’s Fisheries Near Collapse from Overfishing

March 28, 2018


Approximately 12 percent of the world’s population relies upon fisheries and aquaculture for their livelihood, and over half of the world’s people get a significant source of their animal protein from fish and seafood. In Southeast Asia, this proportion is significantly higher. The region’s seas not only serve as a major source of food and liveliho… Read more