Menghun Kaing


Unlikely Counterparts: Lessons from Cambodia and South Korea on Women in the Workforce

December 13, 2017


At first glance, working women in Cambodia and Korea wouldn’t appear to have much in common: Korea is, after all, one of the world’s most educated nations, with women achieving near equal education rates as men. However, a closer look reveals some unlikely similarities between the two countries, as well as some surprising contrasts. Recently, 13 Ca… Read more


Survey on Recruitment Practices in the Garment Industry in Cambodia

May 15, 2017

Despite the importance of the garment industry in the economy, promoting decent work conditions remains challenging. The industry is known for high turnover rate, high recruiting volume, and largely informal recruitment process. Workers have few means to find information about job opportunities. Through The Asia Foundation’s work with garment worke… Read more

Cambodia garment workers 

Hiring Patterns in Cambodia’s Garment Industry

March 29, 2017


Despite the fact that Cambodia’s apparel industry accounts for nearly 80 percent of the country’s export revenue and employs an estimated 700,000 people, finding workers with the right skills remains a major challenge, according to The Asia Foundation’s new survey on recruitment practices in the garment industry in Cambodia. Garment worke… Read more

Cambodia street scene 

Are Cambodians Better Informed in the Internet and Facebook Era?

January 11, 2017


For the first time, the internet has surpassed traditional media as the main source of news for Cambodians, according to The Asia Foundation’s 2016 annual survey on mobile phones and internet usage. This has significant implications in terms of connectivity and information access in Cambodia: just three years ago, only 15 percent of people said the… Read more

Factory workers in Cambodia 

Supporting Low-Skilled Labor in the New Lower-Middle Income Cambodia

August 24, 2016


Last month, the World Bank upgraded Cambodia’s economic status from low income to lower-middle income, a classification that the ruling Cambodian People’s Party has been eagerly anticipating and holds up as a sign of its success in poverty alleviation and development. The apparel industry accounts for nearly 80 percent of Cambodia’s export revenue… Read more


What Does Facebook Reveal About Public Opinion in Cambodia?

January 13, 2016


The 2013 national elections in Cambodia saw the ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) losing 55 of the 123 parliamentary seats to the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party(CNRP), the slimmest victory ever for the party that has ruled the country since 1993.


Poll Shows Fighting Corruption Drives Support for Education Reform in Cambodia

October 15, 2014


Earlier this week, Cambodia’s Ministry of Education Youth and Sports (MoEYS) held a second high school exam to provide a second chance for the over 70 percent of 93,000 high school students who failed to pass the first annual national high school exam, held in early August. The passing rate in the first exam…


Khmer Rouge Sentence a Milestone, but Cambodia’s Justice System Remains Fragile

September 3, 2014


The Extraordinary Chambers in the Court of Cambodia last month sentenced two former senior Khmer Rouge leaders to life in prison for crimes against humanity. The Khmer Rouge’s 88-year-old chief ideologist and No. 2 leader, Nuon Chea, and its 83-year-old former head-of-state, Kheiu Samphan…