Mohammad Bashir


Women-Led Institute Provides Education throughout Pakistan, Afghanistan

March 5, 2010


Humaira Aman* was born in Kabul, and along with thousands of other Afghans, was forced to relocate to a refugee camp in Pakistan after the Russian occupation of Afghanistan in the late 1970s. While relocated in Peshawar, she pursued a medical education at a local university for three years. However, in 1997, the Taliban decreed that the university… Read more


From Afghanistan: Delivering Books to 34 Provinces

January 27, 2010


At the foot of the Khyber Pass, Peshawar is on the front lines of Pakistan’s war against militants. In one recent month, 221 people were killed and nearly 500 wounded in bombings. Many more lives have been lost on the trek from Peshawar through the Pass to reach Afghanistan’s Jalalabad. It is this route that containers of 15,000 books – sent from a… Read more