Nancy Y. Kim

Youth Civic Engagement in Bangladesh 

2019: The Year Ahead in Asia

January 2, 2019


Happy New Year, and welcome to the first edition of InAsia for 2019. In our last issue we looked at some of our top stories from the year just ended, stories that chronicled the successes and failures, the triumphs, and the tribulations of 2018 through the eyes of our experts in Asia. This week, we invite you to look ahead with us to a still-young… Read more


Laos: Reaping the Benefits of a New Era of International Cooperation

September 21, 2016


This month, the Southeast Asian nation of Laos hosted two of the region’s most important annual gatherings—the ASEAN Summit and the East Asia Summit—in its capital, Vientiane. President Barack Obama, who led the U.S. delegation, made history by becoming the first sitting U.S. president to visit the country. The excitement surrounding the events was… Read more


Asia Foundation Announces Nancy Kim as Country Coordinator in Laos

San Francisco and Vientiane, June 11, 2014


The Asia Foundation announces the appointment of Nancy Y. Kim to Country Coordinator in Laos effective June 1, 2014. In this capacity, she will oversee a portfolio of projects focusing on access to justice, women’s economic and social empowerment, and community-based environmental protection. Previously, Ms. Kim served as the Foundation’s Deputy Co… Read more


Integrating China’s Migrant Women in Sanxiang

June 8, 2011


Like many manufacturing hubs in the Pearl River Delta region, Sanxiang Town in Guangdong Province has a large migrant population. Though they make up more than half of the total population, they are not considered official residents…


China’s New Generation of Migrants

September 29, 2010


Large-scale labor migration and related social tensions have long been issues of concern in China. Lack of integration of hundreds of millions of rural farmers into urban “receiving” cities, left-behind families in “sending” villages, and harsh working conditions for migrants have been common problems here for many years now. More recently, a so-ca… Read more