Palwasha L. Kakar


Women in Afghan Society: Key Findings from A Survey of the Afghan People 2017

Washington, DC, Wednesday, November 15, 2017


3:30 pm – 5:00 pm Washington, DC The findings of the 2017 Survey of the Afghan People shed light on the crucial roles women play in Afghan society and provide comparative data on women’s and men’s attitudes towards women’s rights, gender equality, the economy, the national mood, and security issues in Afghanistan. The results of The Asia Foundation… Read more


Where will Transition Take Women and Girls in Afghanistan?

December 4, 2013


Like most people I know in Afghanistan, I feel a palpable change that is taking place in our society. But until now, it was hard to really put a finger on what that change is. This year’s 2013 Survey of the Afghan People sheds light on how Afghan’s perceptions are changing: 59 percent of respondents reported that they “fear for personal safety,” the highest ever…


While Impressive, Gains for Afghan Women Must Increase

November 14, 2012


Let’s face it – the women activists of Afghanistan, along with the international community’s support, have done a pretty good job of achieving critical gains for women. For example, we have three women in our cabinet, we have almost 30 percent women in our parliament and women in parliament are the most active participants…


Religious Leaders and Women’s Rights in Afghanistan

June 6, 2012


In a recent Asia Foundation staff meeting in Kabul announcing staff performance awards and commendations, an unexpected name was called out. Unlike other staff, Muhammad Aman was not being acknowledged for accomplishments in his direct line of duty.


Without Representation, Women’s Rights in Afghanistan Risk Being Negotiated Away

March 9, 2011


The Asia Foundation 2010 Survey of the Afghan People found that 83 percent of respondents approve of the government’s efforts at negotiation and reconciliation with armed anti-government elements; 44 per cent of all respondents were women.