Persis Khambatta


New Sexual Assault Laws in India: Only the Beginning

March 6, 2013


The violent attack on a young woman in New Delhi last December, and the nationwide protests that followed, were yet another indication that India’s youth are increasingly fed up. This case, piled upon countless other commonplace incidents of sexual violence directed at women and children throughout the country…


Ties that Bind: The Indian-American Diaspora

October 3, 2012


Each political season much is said and written about the Indian-American diaspora community and its involvement in U.S. politics, both local and national. It is more common than ever to hear politicians showering accolades on the 3-million strong community in the United States…


India’s Economy: The Other Half

February 22, 2012


2011 was the centenary year of International Women’s Day, and much attention was paid to their rising role in the global political and economic landscape. Many expect that in Asia’s current economic growth, women’s economic involvement will rise with it – a fact true for some but quite untrue for others.