Peter Beck


Civil Society Leaders Gather in Seoul for Inaugural Asia Democracy Network Assembly

October 30, 2013


As civil society in Asia has made significant progress over the past several decades, the need for a forum that brings together the major players to focus on key challenges to inclusive and participatory democracy has become increasingly important.


The Economist Features Peter Beck’s Insight on North Korea

August 22, 2013

Media Coverage

The Economist’s August 24 print and digital editions reference insight from Peter Beck, The Asia Foundation’s Country Representative in Korea, on North Korea’s desire to lessen its economic dependence on China. Read the full article here: “Bordering on comradely.”


Challenges Ahead for South Korea’s First Female President

December 19, 2012


South Koreans proved once again why they have one of the most vibrant democracies in Asia by narrowly electing the first woman as president of the country on December 19. Even though exit polls showed that she would lose, five-term lawmaker Park Geun-hye secured 51.6 percent…


After North Korea’s Rocket Launch: Picking Up the Pieces

April 18, 2012


North Korea’s failed rocket launch accomplished the rarest of feats. The regime managed to simultaneously outrage the world and embarrass itself at the same time. Unfortunately, this increases the likelihood that Pyongyang will undertake a nuclear test…


Encountering Asia’s Empowered Women

March 28, 2012


The most lasting impression of my first trip to South Asia is the empowered women I met at every turn. Asia’s economic future depends less on finding a new technology or development strategy and more on expanding opportunities for women.