Rajendra Abhyankar


Indian PM’s Bangladesh Visit to Usher in New Momentum

July 27, 2011


Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s controversial off-the-cuff remarks made earlier this month on the influence of conservative Islamic groups on the Bangladesh polity, led the Indian government to announce immediately – quite contrary to diplomatic practice – his much-awaited visit to Dhaka on September 6-7.


India’s Anti-Corruption Movement Finds a New Leader

April 13, 2011


With corruption scandals clouding India’s government and dominating headlines over the last year, 71-year-old Gandhian and well-known activist Anna Hazare’s five-day fast-unto-death last week was destined to happen. Hazare’s fast articulated the building angst in India against serial corruption scams in government and public life.


Obama Re-Iterates India-U.S. Global Partnership

November 10, 2010


During his much-anticipated trip to India this week, President Obama mesmerized his diverse audiences in Mumbai, Delhi, and the country at large, with gracious participation from First Lady Michelle Obama. His speech to India’s Parliament with references to Gandhiji, Swami Vivekananda, Tagore, and Ambedkar, interspersed with Hindi words, literally… Read more


Obama to India: Strengthening a Bipartisan Relationship

November 3, 2010


President Obama’s three-day visit to New Delhi starting Saturday comes at an opportune moment. It will set at rest doubts, voiced since he took office, on the longevity of the bipartisan concord that was built upon strengthening bilateral relations with India. It was President Bill Clinton’s landmark visit in 2000 in the last year of his second ter… Read more


U.S.-India Relations: Is Defence Cooperation the Next Big Thing?

February 3, 2010


Defence Secretary Robert Gates’ three-day visit to New Delhi last month not only bolstered India’s role in promoting security and stability in Afghanistan and the region, but also boosted bilateral defence cooperation and trade. His visit helps pave the way for President Barack Obama, who is expected to visit India this summer, and helps answer an… Read more


Waiting for G20: India Upbeat One Year Later

September 23, 2009


For a country where job-creation has always been more important than wealth creation, the idea of a jobless recovery just does not exist. To meet the needs of its vast population, 65 percent of whom are below age 35, the government is under constant pressure to create (literally) new jobs and succeeds by bringing in 12 to 15 million jobs each year…. Read more


The Elephant Stirs: India’s 15th General Elections Shifts Focus to Governance

May 20, 2009


Observing from the welcome shade of a neem tree in the quadrangle of this school, I watched clusters of colorfully dressed women, undaunted by the 43 degree Celsius (109.4 degree Fahrenheit) temperatures, stride up to the polling centre. I was in Bhilwa, a small village on the edge of the Great Indian Desert in Rural Jaipur. India’s Election Commis… Read more


From India: Climate Solutions Road Tour: MUMBAI STOP

April 15, 2009


The Asia Foundation, in partnership with the University of Mumbai, sponsored a series of Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN) events in Mumbai around the visit of the Climate Solutions Road Tour (CSRT). The Tour set off from Chennai earlier this year and ended in New Delhi, just before the Sustainable Development Summit. It visited 15 cities along t… Read more


In India: Much Euphoria, Some Concern

January 28, 2009


In India, a country whose organising principle is that of a casteless and classless society, Barack Obama’s taking office as the 44th U.S. President has struck a resonating chord. Caste and class still dominate domestic politics here, and there is widespread recognition that America has again shown the way, and the increasing number of democratic c… Read more


In India: Bears and Bulls in the Stock Market

January 30, 2008


Finally the US sub-prime crisis caught up with the Indian stock market. The massive fall in the Sensex (Bombay Stock Exchange) last week, and equally rapid rise the very next, sent shock waves leading the regulator to close down the market. The ripple effect of the sub-prime crisis which has taken the toll of major global investors was bound to hit… Read more