Rebecca Darling


From Mongolia: A New Paradigm in Responsible Mining is Taking Shape

April 15, 2009


*The content of this blog article was updated on April 28, 2009 A paradigm shift is underway in Mongolia. The integration of “responsible mining” and ecological protection in government policy papers, public speeches by elected officials, and platforms of political parties, reflects Mongolia’s growing environmental awareness and commitment to devel… Read more


In Mongolia: A New Mining Legacy

November 19, 2008


In the northwest corner of central Mongolia’s Tov province, 80% of the land in Ugumuur town has been licensed to 18 Mongolian, Russian, and Chinese miners. Activity hums dusk to dawn. Ugumuur is a boom-town but like many towns in Mongolia, it is deeply scarred by a legacy of poor mining practices in the 1990s. Citizens have been divorced from land-… Read more