Roderick Brazier


Andrew Symon: Wonderful Company Lost

March 11, 2009


Roderick Brazier gives a touching farewell to a dedicated Asia historian and fellow countryman, Andrew Symon.  The below is an excerpt and link to the full article in The Jakarta Post. Late in 1996, a disheveled beanpole of a man approached me in the Jakarta offices of The Castle Group (now Castle Asia). Sweaty, and panting after a walk through Jak… Read more


America’s Role in Asia Released in Cambodia

January 14, 2009


On January 12th, in Phnom Penh, The Asia Foundation and the Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace convened a discussion of America’s Role in Asia, newly-released recommendations on what America’s foreign policy should be in Asia when the new U.S. Administration takes office. The fourth in a series of quadrennial reports that coincide with U… Read more


In Cambodia: The Tuk-tuk That Could

December 12, 2007


After decades of misery and conflict, Cambodia is now a hot destination. A staggering two million foreign tourists are expected to visit Angkor and other destinations in 2008. The benefits are real and numerous; decent jobs have been created in the tens of thousands. Other benefits abound, including growth in tax revenue, and the expansion of labor… Read more


In Australia: Mr. Rudd’s First Foreign Policy Stop? How about Jakarta?

November 28, 2007


The Australian federal election on November 24 ended more than 11 years of rule by the conservative coalition of Liberal and National parties led by John Howard. The new Labor party government is headed by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, a former diplomat and senior state government official with an intimate understanding of both domestic and foreign po… Read more


In Cambodia: The Muslim Minority

September 19, 2007


Only 2-3% of Cambodia’s population is Muslim, but on the streets of Phnom Penh and its village suburbs, Muslims’ colorful veils and sarongs are a common sight. Historically, Muslims and the majority Buddhist Khmer population have enjoyed peaceful relations: the King has traditionally funded pilgrimages to Mecca for selected Muslims, and Muslims hav… Read more


In Cambodia: The Good & Bad of New Investment

June 20, 2007


Bokor Mountain is just 23 miles from the sleepy Cambodian riverside town of Kampot, yet the journey to the 1,000m peak takes more than two and a half hours. The steep winding road was built by French engineers in the 1920s and not an inch of it has seen a road maintenance crew since. The journey to reach the broad, boggy plateau at Bokor’s summit i… Read more


In Cambodia: Khmer Rouge Tribunals — Progress & Hindrance

March 21, 2007


Amid the charm of easy-paced Phnom Penh, with its riverside cafes and French architecture, it is jarring to learn that former senior Khmer Rouge officials ” mass murderers ” live in some of the city’s many comfortable villas. Some even take morning strolls in the tree-lined parks. Outside Phnom Penh, and especially in former Khmer Rouge strongholds… Read more