Ruangrawee Ketphol


Greetings, Thai Citizens!

April 2, 2008


Last week, just before dawn on Tuesday morning, six boats loaded with over 120 people left the island of Sin Hai and sailed for the mainland. Elsewhere along the coast of Ranong province, hundreds of other people climbed into buses and pickup trucks to travel to Ranong city for an event held by The Asia Foundation in conjunction with the provincial… Read more


In Thailand: A Chance to be Mothers Again

March 5, 2008


Last year I wrote an In Asia piece about mothers in Thailand who were made childless by the Indian Ocean Tsunami of December 24, 2004. It was an issue very close to my heart; as a mother of two daughters I can not even begin to imagine the pain of separation that these mothers have gone through, and must still be going through every day. In the two… Read more


In Thailand: Tsunami Recovery & the Childless Mothers

May 9, 2007


Mother’s Day will soon be celebrated in the United States, but in Thailand we celebrate this holiday on the Queen’s birthday, in August. On this occasion, I take time to reflect on another important, albeit, very sad, day in Thailand. On December 26, 2004, as I watched on television the killer waves striking the Andaman Coast on television, I emoti… Read more