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Santi Nindang

Fisheries Southeast Asia 

Southeast Asia’s Fisheries Near Collapse from Overfishing

March 28, 2018


Approximately 12 percent of the world’s population relies upon fisheries and aquaculture for their livelihood, and over half of the world’s people get a significant source of their animal protein from fish and seafood. In Southeast Asia, this proportion is significantly higher. The region’s seas not only serve as a major source of food and liveliho… Read more


Breaking the Deadlocks to Peace in Southern Thailand

January 11, 2017


On August 12-14, 2016, as Thais were celebrating the long holiday marking the Queen’s birthday, a series of 13 coordinated explosions rocked several provinces in Thailand’s Upper South, including popular tourist spots in Hua Hin, leaving four people dead and 30 wounded, including 10 foreigners. Forensic evidence points to the opposition group known… Read more


Reversing the Legacy of Injustice in Thailand’s Conflict-Ravaged South

January 21, 2015


In the book, Voices of Hope: Stories of Women in Peace Process, Kamnung Chamnankij, whose husband and son had been charged in 2007 with the possession of chemicals associated with explosive devices and were subsequently arrested, recalled: “I had to sell my house, my only two cows, my husband’s fishing boat…


Village Renaming Heals Deep Wounds in Southern Thailand

February 19, 2014


On the morning of Feb. 9, 2014, the seafront village of Mengabang in Saiburi district in southern Thailand was bathed in sun and abuzz with activity. Boys and girls in colorful local costumes and festive dress, beaming groups of middle-aged women, and village elders crowded along the main seafront road as they got into formation for a parade.


Ahead of Flood Season, Thailand’s Communities Demand Greater Preparedness

August 8, 2012


From July 2011 to January 2012, Thailand encountered the worst flooding in five decades. The floods killed over 800 people and left millions homeless or displaced. Over three quarters of Thailand’s provinces were declared flood disaster zones, and the World Bank estimated that the economic loss exceeded $45 billion. Thailand’s government was unprepared for the longevity and severity of the floods, and many communities felt that the Flood Response Operation Center (FROC), which was established to coordinate emergency response and provide regular communications to the public, was inadequate.


Thai Youth Shout to be Heard

October 27, 2010


“We have come to declare that we will help bring reform to this country and create space for access to human rights and true democracy. Our movement will not cease until the people’s problems are solved, until our sufferings are alleviated, and until our people can live with dignity and justice.” This declaration was read aloud to Prime Minister Ab… Read more