Silas Everett


Shaping Professional Development in Cambodia

April 26, 2017


Youth are a pillar of Cambodia’s national economy. An estimated 240,000 Cambodian youth enter the job market annually, but according to a recent Asia Foundation study, the majority are underprepared and lack the information needed to pursue the new high-value professions that are opening up thanks to Cambodia’s rapid economic development. The… Read more

Illustrator at Let’s Read! E-Book Hackathon, 2016 

Let’s Read! E-Book Hackathon 2016

December 8, 2016

In order to break through longstanding barriers that limit the availability of children’s books, this series of hackathon-style events develops a collection of original, high-quality, storybooks in Khmer available under Creative Commons licenses. The program centers around one action-packed day in which teams of writers, illustrators, book designer… Read more