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Syed Abbas Hussain


Fighting a Pandemic of Misinformation

September 28, 2022

Blog and Podcast

How a two-year program helped vulnerable communities in South Asia protect themselves from Covid-19 and the “fake-news pandemic.”


In Pakistan: Women, Mediation, and the Law

July 7, 2021

Blog and Podcast

More and more lawyers in Pakistan are women, and many are finding that alternative dispute resolution offers career opportunities that suit their commitment to gender-inclusive justice.


Resilience in the Time of Covid

March 31, 2021

Blog and Podcast

A five-nation initiative to blunt the impact of Covid-19 in South Asia combines international scope, local partnerships, and a question: how to prepare the most vulnerable for the next crisis.


Mainstreaming Alternative Dispute Resolution for Equitable Access in Pakistan

October 30, 2020

Program Snapshot

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is attracting increasing attention, especially since Pakistan’s formal legal system is overwhelmed with cases. Many marginalized persons, especially those in impoverished communities and women, find it difficult to access the legal system in Pakistan due to the stigma attached to approaching courts, inability to… Read more


Safe Home Initiative Supports Pakistan Communities Hit Hard by Covid-19

August 19, 2020

Blog and Podcast

Pakistan emerged strong from the 2005 Kashmir earthquake, but the coronavirus is a crisis of a different color. In a society already suffering from poor and inequitable healthcare and social services, the pandemic has had an outsized impact on the most vulnerable populations.

Pakistan law firm 

Alternative Dispute Resolution Gains Traction in Pakistan

December 18, 2019

Blog and Podcast

Pakistan’s courts are overloaded. Civil litigation can often span decades, sometimes outliving the litigants. But with new legislation and support from The Asia Foundation, alternative dispute resolution is quickly becoming an accepted alternative that can speed the delivery of justice.


Tackling the Backlog in Pakistan’s Courts

August 29, 2018

Blog and Podcast

In his old age, a longstanding property dispute became the bane of Abdul Hamid Khan’s existence. The father of four sons and three daughters in Punjab’s Rahimyar district, Khan had been left, like Shakespeare’s King Lear, without a roof over his head. It was a dispute over land inheritance. In 2010, Khan transferred all his property, some 16 acres,… Read more