Syed Zahid Abbas


Beating the Odds: Distributing Books in Pakistan

November 4, 2009


Late last month, suicide attacks hit Pakistan’s International Islamic University in relatively peaceful Islamabad, killing at least six people – another violent event that continues to pull the capital further into the fray. In even less secure areas, such as Pakistan’s Swat Valley in the North-West Frontier Province and Baluchistan, Pakistan’s lar… Read more


Books for Pakistan

May 27, 2009


Book Fairs take place all over the globe. In some places, such as at this weekend’s Book Expo America in glitzy New York City, the purpose is to promote beautiful new books from America’s top publishers. In grittier places, such as Pakistan’s volatile North West Frontier Province and Balochistan, the goal of book fairs is to spark an interest in hi… Read more


From Pakistan: Delivering Books to Peshawar and Quetta

May 28, 2008


In March, I traveled to Quetta and Peshawar to oversee the distribution of 15,000 books to the University of Balochistan and the University of Peshawar. Books can annihilate a sense of distance, whether between people or places. In Pakistan, donations from Books for Asia (BFA) ” amounting to 2.5 million books since 1954 — have traditionally concen… Read more