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Afghans Aren’t Giving Up

November 19, 2014


Afghanistan’s newly inaugurated president, Ashraf Ghani, appears to be off to a good start with the Afghan people. He has announced a series of new initiatives and adopted a hands-on style of governing, including surprise visits to military posts…


Reason for Optimism in Afghanistan

November 5, 2014


The people of Afghanistan have elected a new president, Ashraf Ghani. For the first time in its modern history, its leadership has passed peacefully to new hands. Ghani is well qualified for the job, knows his country intimately, and has thought long and hard about how he can help the Afghan people…


Punditry Aside, How do Afghans Feel about Afghanistan?

November 14, 2012


For the most part, Afghanistan is portrayed today as violent and war-torn and with an ineffective and corrupt government. The consensus seems to be that there is little hope that the country will hold together or defend itself against the Taliban and other terrorists after U.S. and NATO combat troops leave two years hence.


International Herald Tribune: The Afghan View

November 18, 2010


One is constantly reminded of the grim realities of Afghanistan today, a country entering its 10th year of war with a bloody and brutal insurgency and a government in Kabul commonly viewed as corrupt and ineffective. But there is another perception of what is taking place in Afghanistan that should be taken into account — what the Afghans themselve… Read more


Former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan sees Positive Energy in Kabul

October 6, 2010


Compared to my last visit with my wife, Pat, to Kabul in 2004, the city today is roaring, with traffic filling the streets and crowds of people flocking to stores along the main streets. I saw no beggars. Women are greatly outnumbered by men on the streets, and from what I saw, a third or so of them were not wearing burqas. The Afghanistan Centre a… Read more


New York Times: Listen to the Afghan People

November 18, 2009


With Hamid Karzai declared the winner of Afghanistan’s highly controversial presidential election, President Obama’s decision regarding future U.S. policy toward that country is considered imminent. As part of his deliberations, Mr. Obama has received the assessment of his military commanders, the advice of his top civilian leaders, and the views o… Read more