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Tim Meisburger

Moon Jae-in 

Korea Election: A Litmus Test of the System

May 17, 2017

Blog and Podcast

On May 9, after more than six months of massive political demonstrations, public turmoil, and an impeachment, Koreans elected Democratic Party candidate Moon Jae-in as their new president. While the snap election was of unusual significance for Koreans for a number of reasons, it also provided a model for other countries on how a political crisis c… Read more


Democracy, Representation, and Accountability in Timor‐Leste

May 25, 2016

This paper discusses concerns about the overall quality of democracy in Timor-Leste, and suggests they are predominantly linked to perceptions of a lack of representation and accountability inherent in the current system. These concerns are likely to increase if recently proposed legal “reforms” are enacted.


Will Automated Elections in the Philippines Increase Public Confidence?

May 5, 2010

Blog and Podcast

In the past, Philippine elections have frequently been marred by allegations of widespread cheating and other electoral malpractice. The most famous (or perhaps infamous) method of cheating is called dagdag/bawas (add-subtract), when votes are subtracted from the opposition candidate and added to a favored candidate, and vice versa. Concerns over e… Read more