V.S. Srikantha


Study Tour to Sri Lanka’s Central Province Opens Minds, Encourages Engagement

August 19, 2009


The end of Sri Lanka’s long 25-year civil war, declared in May, has brought renewed attention to infrastructure and social services essential for accelerating development especially in regions of the country hard hit by the conflict, such as the Eastern Province. Businesses and communities here are eager to rebuild and spark economic growth. In an… Read more


From Sri Lanka: Providing Relief to People Displaced by Conflict in the East

April 4, 2007


In response to the recent escalation of the conflict in Batticaloa District in Eastern Sri Lanka, thousands of residents fled their homes, particularly from Paduvankarai, Palukamam, and Thoppikala, to the Government controlled areas near Batticaloa town.  Government agencies and NGOs provided some relief to these refugees but the assistance provide… Read more