Books to Bangladesh

In Bangladesh’s ancient capital, along the banks of the Meghna River, two groups of formerly nomadic people have settled. They have survived for decades without electricity, basic services, or access to schools. One made home here on the small island of Mayadip in the early 1980s, after massive flooding in the south displaced them, and  they rely on the river’s catch of fish. The other still dwells aboard traditional boats along the river, in Sonargoan village, going ashore only to sell wares. A local NGO has recently begun providing schooling to these forgotten people – and Books for Asia is helping out. As part of its “Choose a Book. Change a Life” campaign, Books for Asia gave each child at the two new schools a book of their choosing – a rare, and now prized, possession. Catch a glimpse of life along the Meghna, and the children in class with their new books.

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