Improving Lives, Expanding Opportunities for 20 Years in Mongolia

The Asia Foundation Mongolia is marking its 20th anniversary in Mongolia this year. As one of the first NGOs to be invited to Mongolia, the Foundation began implementing programs in 1990, formally opening its office in 1993. In the early 1990s, the Foundation focused on forging strong relationships with individuals and nascent organizations to support Mongolia in its transition to a democracy and market economy. The Foundation supported the drafting of Mongolia’s 1992 Constitution and provided Mongolians with the opportunities for exposure to different approaches and institutional arrangements in the U.S. and throughout Asia on topics such as rule of law, judicial and parliamentary reform, independent media, civil society, and human rights. Currently, the Foundation works with the central and local government, academics, civil society, citizens, and the private sector on critical issues including governance, environmental protection, urban services improvement, citizen participation, women’s empowerment, anti-trafficking, and education through scholarship programs and the Books for Asia program.

Photographs by Tenzing Paljor for The Asia Foundation.