Seeking Wellbeing and Professionalizing Care in Sri Lanka

In 2009, Sri Lanka saw the end of a 26 year-long civil war that impacted the socio-political landscape, raising a range of psychosocial issues for communities throughout the country. The Asia Foundation’s Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Program began in 2005 with the support of USAID and today is a partnership with both state and NGO sectors. Counseling services in the country are offered by several ministries and provided by counselors from different academic and cultural backgrounds, levels of training and schools of thought. Given this setting, the Foundation introduced the Continuing Professional Development program on “formalizing counseling processes” to bring the counselors of the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs and the Ministry of Social Empowerment and Welfare onto a common platform. This photo essay showcases their voices, as well as changes that have come about in their own lives through their work.

Photos by Gemunu Amarasinghe

*Please note that photos have been lit with a natural back light then selectively edited with level and curves by the photographer to protect the identity of clients.


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