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Celebrating seventy years at The Asia Foundation

Over seven decades, The Asia Foundation has partnered with change-makers in government, civil society, business, and academia in solving some of the greatest social and economic challenges facing Asia and the Pacific. This year we celebrate 70 years of improving lives and expanding opportunities.

Drawing on our deep local knowledge and long-term relationships, we have invested in unleashing human ingenuity, building effective institutions, and promoting responsive public policies. We have helped economic growth to become more inclusive, enabled access to justice for those who need it most, raised women’s voices, contributed to peaceful resolution of violent conflicts, catalyzed local actions to respond to climate change, and supported leaders and social entrepreneurs in their journeys of creating positive change. Partnership is at the center of all we do in helping the societies in which we work to realize their own aspirations.

“The Asia Foundation’s rich legacy of contributing to Asia and the Pacific’s remarkable development story is the bedrock on which we are building innovative solutions to today’s social and economic challenges. Looking ahead, we are committed to building on our record of excellence through fresh actions, intense focus on achieving impact, and nurturing successful partnerships.”

- Laurel Miller, President & CEO

To mark our anniversary, we are sharing highlights that capture the scope and impact of The Asia Foundation’s work past and present. At the same time, we are reaffirming our commitment to solving critical challenges in the decades ahead. Presented in a variety of formats, the highlights will be conveyed through the voices and perspectives of our staff throughout Asia and the Pacific, experts, and local partners.

Two of the initial highlights that follow feature our pioneering contributions to public policy reform in the Philippines through a method called “thinking and working politically.” Another demonstrates our impact on institutionalizing mediated dispute resolution in Sri Lanka. More will follow in the coming weeks and months as we celebrate our proud legacy and ongoing commitment to the future of Asia and the Pacific.


Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Mongolia’s Women’s Business Center

May 29, 2024

70th Anniversary Impact Highlight

How our Mongolia Women’s Business Center transformed the confidence and business model of a woman entrepreneur through training, mentoring, and membership in a network of businesswomen who are paving the way for greater women’s leadership in Mongolia’s economy.


Enabling Citizen Access to Justice and Community Harmony: Three Decades of Support for Sri Lanka Mediation Boards

May 23, 2024

70th Anniversary Impact Highlight

Following the 1988 Mediation Boards Act, our efforts in Sri Lanka have trained over 8,800 mediators, ensuring equitable dispute resolution and access to justice for all, including ethnic and religious minorities and economically disadvantaged communities. This initiative has resolved nearly 68,000 disputes in 2023 alone and is inspiring similar programs in Cambodia, China, Nepal, and Mongolia.


Reforming Agricultural Land Titling in the Philippines

May 23, 2024

70th Anniversary Impact Highlight, Blog and Podcast

Outdated land titling policies were throttling Philippine agricultural. The puzzle was why, and what to do about it.


Thinking and Working Politically: Navigating the Political Realities of Policy Reform

May 23, 2024

70th Anniversary Impact Highlight, Blog and Podcast

How development practitioners learned to grapple head-on with the messy political realities in which laws are made, resources are allocated, and policy reform either lives or dies.