Civic Tech


The Asia Foundation and World Bank Host Technology Panel Discussion

Washington, DC, September 20, 2017


The Asia Foundation, in partnership with the World Bank’s Blockchain Lab, hosted an event at the Bank’s headquarters, “Rewiring for Digital Transformation: How Online Platforms and Blockchain are Redefining Development and Changing the Rules of the Game.” Experts from Google, Stripe, eBay, Asian Development Bank, Deloitte Consulting LLP, the U.S. D… Read more


In.CoDe: Indonesia’s Competition for Civic Tech Apps

Jakarta, July 12, 2017

Program Snapshot

To increase civic engagement in strengthening government effectiveness in Indonesia, The Asia Foundation held a competition for civic tech apps through the “Innovation and Collaboration for Development” (In.CoDe) program. The competition kicked off by inviting civil society organizations, start-ups, local governments, and universities to propose te… Read more


New App Provides Nepali Migrant Workers with Safe Migration Information

May 25, 2016


At Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan Airport, young men and women snake through the international terminal, waiting their turn to begin what could be the world’s longest commute to work. More than 1,500 people depart the country in this way every day, mostly bound for temporary jobs as construction workers, domestic servants, or low- and medium-skill laborers… Read more


Digital Governance in Indonesia: An On and Offline Battle

May 18, 2016


The data revolution has permeated beyond the closeted realm of computer science into becoming a lynchpin of public policy-making. Data in all of its buzzy forms (big data, little data, open data) are transforming the face of public governance into a digital one. With the dawn of the data revolution comes digital innovation. But effective implementa… Read more


Breaking Down Silos of ‘Innovation for Development’

May 4, 2016


Innovation is a tricky word to define. It has a whiff of excitement as well as – increasingly –inevitability, since technology is coloring our work and our lives. Development partners are adapting to explore the enormous potential of information and communication technologies. This, in turn, is introducing new actors, partnerships, approaches – suc… Read more