Land and Forest Governance


Resilient Social Forestry in Indonesia: The Impact of KUPS Lestari

May 1, 2024

Program Snapshot Post

The Indonesian village of Malitu is famous for its vast forests of palm trees and palm sugar production. Yet, obtaining a license for the granulated palm sugar product has been no easy task for the Malitu people, who often waited years for approval while a large industrial timber plantation controlled the land. When the plantation’s permit eventual… Read more

A woman wearing a yellow shirt, boots, and a traditional headscarf and hat sits on the forest ground, overlooking trees. 

KPPL Maju Bersama: The First Women’s Group Involved in Social Forestry in Indonesia

March 28, 2024

Program Snapshot Post

Kerinci Seblat National Park (KSNP) plays a vital role in biodiversity conservation in Indonesia. Maintaining the sustainability of forests is crucial, as they serve as a key water source for the community, support livelihoods, and contribute significantly to people’s well-being by ensuring access to clean water and enhancing food security. In Beng… Read more


Women and Youths are Key Figures in Forest Conservation

August 10, 2023

Program Snapshot Post

Forest degradation presents a significant risk to food security, communities’ livelihood in rural areas, and climate change. In many world regions, women are not given equal access to forest resources and are seen as irrelevant to formal forest management and decision-making. By engaging civil society, the youth, and women can play a vital role as… Read more


Indonesia’s Women Forest Defenders

May 2, 2023


A mountainous tropical forest on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, the Leuser Ecosystem is the last place on earth where the elephant, rhino, tiger, and orangutan still roam together in the wild. But the forest is under pressure from poachers, illegal loggers, and miners, who strip the land of resources, causing floods and destroying villages. Now,… Read more


Fried Frogs in Plaboo: Community Development in Northeast Thailand

August 14, 2019

Blog Post

We arrived at Plaboo Village, in northeast Thailand’s Maha Sarakam Province, just as a community meeting hosted by the local farmers’ association was coming to a close. It was hot and dusty, but the recently constructed community center was an oasis of clean, unfinished wood bedecked with flowers and colorful pillows. Around 60 residents were seate… Read more


Thailand’s Inequality: Unpacking the Myths and Reality of Isan

June 5, 2019

Blog Post

For decades, the ethnically and linguistically diverse people of Isan, Thailand, have been the subject of pervasive bias, often described as docile and uneducated, or as “unsophisticated peasants” who can be bought and manipulated by ambitious politicians. Bordered by Laos and the Mekong River to the north and east, and by Cambodia to the southeast… Read more


Indonesia: Hearing Women’s Voices in Managing Natural Resources

December 5, 2018

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The flash flood that hit her village in 2006 unexpectedly propelled Dewi Sartika, 38, from low income into abject poverty. The district government relocated some 170 affected households, including hers, to nearby land owned by the state plantation company, but granted them only four hectares each, roughly 400 square meters, from which to scratch ou… Read more


This Land Is Our Land: How Drones Can Advance Property Rights in the Philippines

November 7, 2018

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The Philippines has a real estate problem. Half the real property in the country—approximately 12 million parcels of land—has no legal title. Like many countries in Asia, the island nation is experiencing rapid urbanization, and a large proportion of these urban residents in particular lack official titles to the plots of land they live on, which h… Read more