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Research Reveals Cambodian Television Rife with Depictions of Violence Against Women

November 30, 2016

Blog Post

In a recent comedy show that aired on Cambodia’s Bayon television at the end of an All Stars Concert, a male comedian is seen repeatedly kicking and hitting his female counterpart with a piece of pipe. The live audience roars with laughter as the comedian continues the abuse throughout the three-and-a-half-minute segment. A girl was repeatedly hit… Read more


A Conversation with Mongolian Free Press Advocate Naranjargal Khashkhuu

August 13, 2014

Blog Post

As The Asia Foundation recently marked its 20th anniversary in Mongolia, Country Representative Meloney Lindberg sat down with Naranjargal Khashkhuu, president and CEO of the Globe International Center…


Media Campaign Ignites Push for Local Elections in Pakistan

July 9, 2014

Blog Post

There is much talk these days in Pakistan about democracy. Just over a year since national elections marked the first transition in the country’s history from one democratically elected federal government to another, some are already calling for new elections for reasons ranging from alleged malpractice at the 2013 polls…


A Conversation with Veteran Filipino Investigative Journalist Sheila Coronel

May 28, 2014

Blog Post

Anna Bantug-Herrera, The Asia Foundation’s associate director in Washington, D.C., recently spoke with former Foundation grantee, Sheila Coronel, veteran investigative journalist, new Dean of Academic Affairs of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism…


Draft Media Bill Threatens Press Freedom in Timor-Leste

March 19, 2014

Blog Post

Google “newest democracy” and you are likely to find the young island nation of Timor-Leste among the top hits. Do the same for “media censorship,” however, and the top results are of nations not exactly known for promoting democratic values such as Russia and China. However, right now, Timor-Leste’s national parliament…


Global Trends in Social Media: An Interview with Blogger Beth Kanter

April 10, 2013

Blog Post

In Asia editor Alma Freeman recently caught up with author and social media expert Beth Kanter after a talk held at The Asia Foundation’s headquarters, organized by the Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy. Named one of the most influential women in technology by Fast Company


SBS Shakes up Voter Malaise in Korea

March 13, 2013

Blog Post

The inauguration ceremony of South Korea’s new president, Park Geun-hye, was held on February 25 with mixed feelings among Koreans about her election. She is the daughter of the controversial former president, Park Chung Hee…


Debate over Corruption Heats Up

February 13, 2013

Blog Post

Over the last few weeks, in our blog, our studies, in well-respected surveys, at think tanks and other organizations, and the media, the topic of corruption and transparency seems to be everywhere you look. However, there seems no clear consensus on the extent of the problem…


New Covenant to Curb Media Corruption in Philippines Ahead of Midterm Elections

January 30, 2013

Blog Post

Ahead of May 2013 midterm elections in the Philippines, media organizations and political parties signed last week the “Covenant Against Media Corruption 2013,” an agreement that marks a significant step toward curbing rampant corruption in the media.