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In Conversation: India’s New Philanthropy  

January 31, 2018

Blog Post

India has around 2 percent of the world’s millionaires and 5 percent of its billionaires, and since 2000, wealth in the country has grown 9.2 percent a year, faster than the global average of 6 percent. At the same time, India ranks among the highest in terms of income inequality and is home to the world’s largest number of poor people. India’s lea… Read more


Asia Foundation President David D. Arnold Presents at World Philanthropy Forum in China

Beijing, November 30, 2017

News Post

The Asia Foundation’s President David D. Arnold spoke at the World Philanthropy Forum held in Beijing on November 29 and 30. Arnold drew on the Foundation’s six decades of experience and exchanges in Asia’s philanthropic sector as he moderated a high-level dialogue on “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Philanthropy,” featuring leaders from F… Read more

Delhi airport 

Asia’s Private Sector Driving Region’s Social and Economic Development

October 5, 2016

Blog Post

The Asia Pacific is forecast to be the world’s fastest growing economic region over the next decade—a remarkable rise that has largely been attributed to the rapid growth of its private sector. Companies such as AirAsia, Tata Group, Samsung, LG Electronics, and Alibaba have been altering traditional ways of doing business, bringing new technologies… Read more


Charting a Future for Philanthropy: Dr. Wang Zhenyao on China’s New Charity Law

September 21, 2016

Blog Post

After more than a decade in legislative limbo, China’s first national Charity Law came into force on Sept. 1, 2016. It is considered a watershed moment in advancing a culture of philanthropy in China as the law provides a set of social and ethical standards— a constitution of sorts—for the country’s burgeoning charity sector. It also brings China i… Read more

Alibaba HQ 

Inaugural XIN Philanthropy Conference an Inspiration

July 13, 2016

Blog Post

Jack Ma and the Alibaba Foundation – the charitable arm of Alibaba Group – hosted a first-of-its-kind philanthropy conference in Hangzhou, China, this past week: the Xin Philanthropy Conference. Their goal? To establish credibility as major advocates for the deeper development of a culture of private philanthropy in China. Alibaba hosted the first-… Read more


Rise of Social Media Transforms Philanthropy in China

April 30, 2014

Blog Post

In 2011, renowned investigative journalist Deng Fei went on a reporting trip to Guizhou province, a remote area in southwestern China, where he visited rural schools and spoke with students and teachers. He came away shocked that many schools did not provide lunch…


The Oil Prince’s Legacy: Rockefeller Philanthropy in China

October 12, 2011

Blog Post

In 1863, John D. Rockefeller sold his first kerosene to China and made his first gift to China missions. He was 24 years old. He could not have dreamed that both his future oil company and future foundation would one day dominate the American commercial and cultural presence in China.