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Social Entrepreneurs

Nuruddin Ahmed 

Social Entrepreneur on Why Data Can Help Bridge Political Chasm in Bangladesh

August 9, 2017

Blog Post

It is now apparent that the age of social media has transformed public consciousness of important events. Most recently, “fake news” and other streams of misinformation spread via social media have been blamed for exacerbating a highly polarized political climate in the United States, and further impeding productive civic engagement. This phenomeno… Read more

APEC app challenge winners 

APEC’s Most Talented App Developers Tackle Business Challenges at Trade Meeting

May 24, 2017

Blog Post

As trade ministers prepared to gather for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) trade meeting in Hanoi last week, a group of the region’s most talented developers were in a nearby room, competing in the first-ever APEC App Challenge. In the final hours of the competition, the room grew more intense as developers bent over their screens, codi… Read more


Social Enterprises: A Growth Engine to Stem Korea’s Unemployment Crisis?

March 16, 2016

Blog Post

While Korea’s development success is renowned, less known are its current development challenges. These include: an aging population, gender inequality, growing disparity, and a slowing economy. Eight out of 10 Korean adults said in a recent poll…


Challenges in the Malaysian Social Enterprise Scene

August 26, 2015

Blog Post

The social enterprise scene in Malaysia is a nascent, growing space. It is estimated that only 100 of these socially oriented, hybrid enterprises exist in Malaysia, tackling causes such as education, environmental sustainability, rural development, and poverty. It’s a strikingly low figure…