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We put brand-new books and digital content into the hands of students, educators, and leaders in 20 countries. Through technology initiatives and book donations, we help infuse students with a love of reading essential for literacy; build knowledge in the business, legal, and science professions; sharpen vocational and research ability; and enhance language skills to compete in the global economy.

Let's Read!

Last year, we convened nearly 20 publishers, editors, writers, and young technologists in Phnom Penh, for Cambodia’s first children’s e-book hackathon, part of our Let’s Read! initiative to use technology to stimulate reading. By the end of the day, participants had created engaging, original children’s content in electronic format, all in the Khmer language. Hackathons have the potential to invigorate children’s book creation in countries where few children’s books are published. Using a collaborative model in publishing lowers development and production costs and dramatically compresses the turnaround time. With support from a leading Cambodian telecom company, 2017 hackathons will incubate even more publishing talent and expand the quality and diversity of local children’s books.

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