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Ebook Initiatives

As internet and smartphone usage rapidly expands in Asia – pushing beyond cities into rural and remote areas – Books for Asia’s technology projects enable the poor and underserved to access the educational material and information they need to thrive. We work with local communities to develop affordable technology solutions that enable them to attain or create high-quality content in mother tongues, national languages, and English.

Let's Read! Asia

Piloted in Cambodia and Mongolia, the project uses low-cost technology to inspire the most essential of childhood experiences—the magic of becoming lost in a story. Books for Asia equips under-resourced schools with a tablet-based digital library platform developed by Library For All that delivers storybooks in local languages and English, along with complementary reading programs, even in areas without internet connectivity.

My Community Reader

Currently in development, this project will build, test, and deploy a suite of integrated tools that will enable minority language communities to build their own library of children’s books via translation. It consists of a mobile-first distributed translation tool and e-reader that will make openly licensed children’s books available in a community’s language of choice.

Let’s Read! E-Books for Cambodian Children

In order to break through longstanding barriers that limit the availability of children’s books, this series of hackathon-style events develops a collection of original, high-quality, storybooks in Khmer available under Creative Commons licenses. The program centers around one action-packed day in which teams of writers, illustrators, book designers, and coders develop e-book prototypes and, at the same time, build new working relationships across the print and technology industries.

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