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Books change lives. When you give to Books for Asia you are empowering children with literacy, creating opportunities for higher learning, and educating future leaders in 19 countries, from Afghanistan to Vietnam. Books crackle with ideas and theories – they shape and hone young people’s imaginations, critical thinking skills, and their understanding of the world, and are powerful tools to combat poverty and inspire positive, long-lasting change.

In a region that is home to about two-thirds of the world’s illiterate population, children’s books are essential to achieving early childhood literacy and the education of Asia’s next generation.

Share your love of books with those who need them the most!

Questions about donating?

Contact Kyle Barker at [email protected]

“Books for Asia has been a great partner. They are very responsive in getting back to us on the books we offer for donation, and have been very helpful in providing the tax forms needed in order to maximize the tax benefit on our donations. They do a wonderful job in supporting literacy where it is most needed in Asia, while at the same time helping us reduce excess inventory and manage our bottom line.”

Tom Moloney, Chief Financial Officer, Harry N. Abrams, Inc.



“The students of Rabia-e-Balkhi Girls High School are using the books donated by The Asia Foundation’s Books for Asia Program every day. [These books] are enriching the girls’ studies.”

—Principal of Rabia-e-Balkhi Girls High School, Afghanistan

How to donate

Change lives

Support our Books for Asia Fund Your monetary contribution to our Books for Asia Fund will support some of our most innovative projects and increase the number of books reaching areas affected by poverty and natural disaster in 19 countries.


Get Involved

Join Books for Asia in our effort to send books and educational materials to classrooms, libraries, and universities throughout the region. With your help, we can put books on shelves that will educate and open minds for generations. Contact us to find out how your company can effect long-lasting, meaningful change, one book at a time.

• Donate
To make a tax-deductible donation, or to learn more, please contact Oliver Petzold at [email protected].

• Corporate matching gifts
If your company has an employee matching gifts program, your employer may be able to double or even triple your support. Inquire with your company’s Human Resources department to find out more, or contact us: +1 415-743-3380 or [email protected].

• Special projects
There are many ways in which corporations have helped us expand our reach, from sponsoring children’s reading rooms in under-resourced libraries, to getting a mobile library running in remote locations, to providing support for our high shipping expenses. Contact Oliver Petzold at [email protected], to learn more about our projects and how they can help fulfill your social responsibility goals.

We Understand the Value of Books

Publishers invest an incredible amount of time and resources into publishing high-quality books and, understandably, are reluctant to destroy overstock. We, too, hate to see good books put to waste. If you have excess stock that is taking up space in a warehouse or slated for destruction, consider donating it to Books for Asia. Your books can have a valued second life in schools, libraries, and other education centers in developing areas of Asia. Not only will you be able to manage your inventory in an efficient and environmentally-friendly way, participating in our program allows you to involve your company in a cause that boosts staff morale and your public profile.

Benefits of Donating

TAX DEDUCTIONS Books for Asia is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and provides official acknowledgement letters for all donations. Books and the cost of transporting them may often be claimed as charitable donations. Please consult your tax advisor for details.

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Free up valuable warehouse space by sending your overstock to us. Instead of a liability, your surplus will be a valued resource on the shelves of needy educational institutions.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Books for Asia is an unparalleled CSR partner for publishers interested in creating high-impact, concrete social value. For large book donations, we can create a public relations campaign with a variety of promotional vehicles.

GOODWILL AND MARKET POTENTIAL Book donations contribute to improved education, the development of English-language skills, and increased economic opportunity. Publishers who donate high-quality books generate goodwill and brand recognition.

IT’S EASY! At various intervals, publishers simply identify excess stock, provide offer lists to Books for Asia and send selected books direct to our offices in Asia or to the Books for Asia warehouse in California. It’s really that simple!


“Island Press is passionate about sharing knowledge and promoting better stewardship of the natural world. Our partnership with Books for Asia enables us to contribute valuable publications to decision makers, advocacy organizations, and students throughout Asia where the impact of urban migration, air and water pollution, and deforestation and desertification are serious concerns.”

Ken Hartzell, VP, Chief Financial Officer, Island Press

“We have received 3,000 books from The Asia Foundation that enabled us to create our MBA programs. The support from The Asia Foundation is very significant for the Hanoi School of Business because those books are two-thirds of our total books.”

Truong Gia Binh, Dean, Hanoi School of Business