Conflict and Fragility

Violent conflict and fragile governance present enormous challenges for development and security in Asia. In places where violence is widespread and government ceases to function, the pace of development falls dramatically and conditions can deteriorate to extreme levels. The Foundation supports local efforts to improve engagement between government and citizens; strengthens peacebuilding efforts and transitional institutions; and strengthens informal institutions that provide justice, stability, and services where the state has limited reach and/or legitimacy.

X-Border Local Research Network

​In Asia, the Middle East and Africa, conflict and instability endure in contested border regions where local tensions connect with regional and global dynamics. The Asia Foundation, the Rift Valley Institute and the Carnegie Middle East Center are working together to better understand the causes and impacts of conflict in these border areas and their international dimensions, support more effective policymaking and development programming, and build the capacity of their local partners to leverage research to advocate for peaceful change. Learn more about the X-Border Local Research Network.



Violence monitoring

There is limited data available on violence, within countries and globally. This lack of data has made it difficult to rigorously assess the prevalence and drivers of different forms of violence. Having fine-grained rigorous data can help policymakers and practitioners to take actions to prevent and respond to violence. The Foundation is supporting the development of Violent Incidents Monitoring Systems across Asia. These systems track and code individual violent incidents, feeding information into databases that allow for easy analysis of patterns and trends in violence.

The Latest Across Asia

2024 Lotus Leadership Awards

The Lotus Leadership Awards recognize contributions towards gender equality in Asia and the Pacific