Development and Aid Effectiveness

The contemporary aid ecosystem is complex, and emerging donors, civil society, and the private sector are fostering new thinking on development effectiveness. A respected resource for locally-driven, context-specific, and flexible approaches to project implementation, The Asia Foundation brings together traditional and emerging Asian donors to share perspectives about the changing dynamics of international development cooperation.

Expanding Role of Asian Private Sector in Development and South South Cooperation

Corporate representatives, government officials, policy specialists, and development practitioners from more than 10 countries gathered in New Delhi from August 10-11, 2016, for the 15th meeting of the Asian Approaches to Development Cooperation (AADC) dialogue, an ongoing series which addresses how Asian countries’ engagement in development and South-South cooperation is changing the global aid landscape and the development prospects for the region. The conference provided a forum for sharing perspectives and approaches on the role of Asian business in addressing social and economic challenges faced in the region. This is the 6th year of The Asia Foundation’s partnership with the Korea Development Institute (KDI) on the AADC program.

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Asian Approaches to Development Cooperation

The Asia Foundation implements several complementary programs under the theme of “Asian Approaches to Development Cooperation” (AADC), including a dialogue series. Organized jointly by the Korea Development Institute (KDI) and The Asia Foundation, the ongoing AADC dialogue series brings together development experts and government officials from the Asia region and beyond to share ideas and perspectives among both “emerging” and “traditional” development actors on their approaches to international development cooperation and global development challenges.

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