Law and Justice

People across Asia face systemic challenges in resolving their disputes, enforcing their rights, and accessing benefits to which they are legally entitled. Our law and justice programs support Asian efforts to protect the legal rights of vulnerable groups, strengthen dispute resolution processes, and reform dysfunctional laws, policies, institutions, and practices.



Bringing legal advice and representation to Lao citizens

Rule of law is still nascent in Laos. Where legal frameworks or policies exist, Laos lacks effective mechanisms to implement such laws; and there is low awareness of many laws and rights among citizens. The Asia Foundation promotes greater understanding of and access to justice, focusing in particular on legal aid and village mediation in order to ensure that rural and disadvantaged populations are served by the justice system. Working with the Lao Bar Association and Ministry of Justice, we have contributed to building the capacity of the legal profession and empowering citizens to access legal information and rights. The Asia Foundation also supports the National Assembly in their role of monitoring government officials’ adherence to the rule of law.


Thai Forensic Science 101

To strengthen criminal justice administration and improve access to justice in Thailand, we helped train more than 100 public prosecutors, forensic police, and other criminal justice officials, and over 200 human rights lawyers. We also supported the reform of laws and regulations governing forensic investigation and produced an acclaimed set of animated films on forensic investigation and evidence that have been adopted as teaching resources by the Office of the Attorney General and the Royal Thai Police.