In China, the Foundation focuses on developing the charitable sector, disaster management, gender equality and women’s development, child welfare and protection, regional cooperation, and constructive U.S.-China relations. As the rise of China’s global influence and impact on Asia regional development expands with the “Belt and Road Initiative,” the Foundation will continue to utilize its technical expertise and well-established network in the U.S. and Asia to support China’s constructive global engagement. We work closely with local partners to support Chinese international development efforts by deepening the understanding of China’s development strategy, development assistance and responsible overseas investment, while also tackling the intersection of these issues with disaster relief and aid, environment resilience, gender equality and labor rights.

Ji Hongbo,
Country Representative

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Protecting Vulnerable Populations

China’s government has strongly committed to combating domestic violence. We supported the first international conference to explore effective implementation of the country’s landmark Anti-Domestic Violence Law, with participation from over 130 representatives of key government ministries, international organizations, and more than 60 local civil society organizations and women’s federations from across China. In Nanjing, we helped foster a victim-centered assistance model, including training a taskforce of 24 social workers, psychological counselors, and pro bono lawyers, as well as another 164 local women’s federation staff, and rolling out public education campaigns which reached over 4,000 local community members. In the first nine months, the taskforce provided 123 counseling sessions and other assistance to 57 abused women. Another program focuses on children. We developed a toolkit for and trained 954 child welfare officers and personnel in Hunan, Shanxi, Sichuan and Yunnan provinces. Project experts mentored the trained child welfare officers to intervene in 33 child abuse cases within two months after the first round of trainings.


Creating New Businesses

As factory jobs move to other countries, a growing number of migrant women in China aspire to start their own businesses. But most lack access to capital and business experience. Last year, we provided skills training and mentoring to 432 migrant women entrepreneurs in Shanghai and Kunshan. We analyzed the progress of a sample (280) of beneficiaries: 11 percent had launched new businesses; 26 percent had begun the process of launching new businesses; and 73 percent of those who had established businesses upon entry of the program sustained their businesses.


Uncovering the Impact of


China passed a crucial Anti-Domestic Violence Law, but they need hard data to implement it. Our survey uncovers the real human, societal, and business costs.

Uncovering the Impact of


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