The prospects for India as a rising power depend upon how the country addresses domestic challenges and relations with its neighbors in the region. Our New Delhi office supports local initiatives to enhance women’s safety, security, and economic empowerment, and initiatives that facilitate India’s engagement in regional and global affairs. The office also serves as a focal point for the Foundation’s regional programs in South Asia.

Nandita Baruah,
Country Representative

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The Asia Foundation – India

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Crowdsourcing data to make cities safer for women

As more women and girls migrate to urban areas for work and education, Indian cities need solutions to cope with growing levels of gender-based violence. With support from the Lotus Circle, our partner Kalpana Viswanath expanded Safetipin, a free mobile app that collects information about the safety of public spaces using “safety audits” that measure nine parameters (lighting, visibility, walking paths, etc.). Each audit appears as a pin on a map and is used to compute an area’s Safety Score. What was conceived as a single app has now developed into a technology platform, and is available in more Indian cities including Guwahati and Bhopal, through the Foundation’s support. The Asia Foundation is planning to introduce Safetipin in Cambodia.


Forging New Links for South Asian Cooperation

South Asia remains one of the world’s least economically integrated regions, but political support is mounting for new links to accelerate growth and address broader socioeconomic and environmental issues. To improve regional trade and investment, value-chain optimization, and remove barriers to regional cooperation among the BBIN nations—Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal—the Foundation organized a series of roundtables on trade, transit, water, and energy cooperation. With our partner the Delhi Policy Group, we brought 60 international participants from BBIN countries to New Delhi, with follow-up roundtables in Kathmandu and Dhaka for a core group of experts.


Afghanistan in 2018: A Survey of the Afghan People

The longest-running and broadest nationwide survey of Afghan attitudes and opinions.

Afghanistan in 2018: A Survey of the Afghan People