While having witnessed rapid economic growth and a substantial reduction in poverty in recent years, Pakistan continues to face governance, security, and social challenges. Our programs foster greater participation of all citizens, particularly women and minorities, to benefit from shared prosperity accruing from economic development. We work with local partners to strengthen the democratic and political process, promote inclusive participation, and build the capacity of local institutions to meet the needs of citizens and sustain the gains of economic and social development.

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Addressing water security in Pakistan

Pakistan is the third-most water-stressed country in the world: inefficient agriculture, rapid population growth, and unplanned urbanization give it the world’s fourth-highest rate of water consumption. Over 80 percent of the nation’s water supply is currently unsafe, and experts fear Pakistan will run out of water by 2025. In 2017, the Foundation began a series of initiatives to increase technical knowledge of water security, promote policy dialogue, and empower vulnerable communities. We are collecting baseline data on water availability, sanitation, and hygiene focusing on key issues of drinking-water safety. With the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and the Ministry of Climate Change, we conducted a political economy analysis of water security and governance, and our partner, the Hisaar Foundation, is currently developing recommendations for a national water policy.


School books for students

Since the 1950s, The Asia Foundation’s Books for Asia program has provided more than three million books to Pakistani students, marginalized groups and nonprofit organizations. In 2017, we started a new partnership with the Culture, Tourism, and Antiquities Department of Sindh Province to provide materials to education departments and institutions in Sindh and Balochistan. The books will be shared between the Liaquat Memorial Library; the Sindh Education Foundation, which reaches rural schools; the library of the Balochistan Planning and Development Department; and schools across the province built by the Balochistan Education Project.


Leaders on the Frontlines

Honoring Ban Ki-moon

Featuring the 2018 Asia Foundation Development Fellows

San Francisco, 11 September 2018

Leaders on the Frontlines

Honoring Ban Ki-moon

San Francisco, 11 September 2018