The Asia Foundation’s programs in the Philippines promote better governance to support economic growth, strengthen the rule of law, and foster peace and development in Mindanao. Building on its wide network of partners, the Foundation is helping government, local NGOs, and the private sector to strengthen democratic institutions and create sustainable economic growth.

Sam Chittick,
Country Representative

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The Asia Foundation – Philippines

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Coalitions for Change

Coalitions for Change (CfC) is the centerpiece of a partnership between the Australian Embassy and The Asia Foundation in the Philippines. CfC focuses on key policy reforms to improve lives of Filipinos and promote their economic well-being. CfC encourages civil society, private sector, academe, and government to work together and bring about public policies that contribute to development reform priorities for the Philippines. Since 2012, CfC has addressed development concerns consistent with the Philippines government’s agenda: promoting economic growth, reducing vulnerability, improving education outcomes, and advocating for effective governance.


Accessible Polling Places

The Foundation successfully built a multi-sectoral coalition that promotes the participation of people with disabilities (PWDs) in the democratic process. The 2016 Philippine national elections not only set a new record for voter turnout, it also marked the first time that Republic Act 10366 was fully implemented. This act mandates that polling stations be fully accessible for PWDs. We worked with a coalition and members of the PWD sector to apply the existing law to increase voter registration and the number of accessible polling places. From only two polling places available to disabled voters in 2013, today there are more than 5,000 such polling places.

Increasing Trade and Investment

We work with the Philippine government and private sector to enhance national competitiveness and promote increased trade and investment. Our efforts, from assisting with the passage of bills and issuance of policies liberalizing inter-island shipping, shifting into a market-based right-of-way acquisition modality for infrastructure projects, enhancing electricity supply procurement through a competitive selection process, supporting the regional open skies, to promoting the expansion of key industries, last year helped realize more than $5 billion worth of public and private investments for roads, water, energy generation, and agribusinesses, such as cacao and seaweed.


Uncovering the Impact of


China passed a crucial Anti-Domestic Violence Law, but they need hard data to implement it. Our survey uncovers the real human, societal, and business costs.

Uncovering the Impact of